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rinku726 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This thread is for everyone who read Rasetsu-Koku, N's very own manga :D

Since the release of RK Chapter 2 is nearing... this just popped in my head. ^^

As the Mangaka, N needs everyone's honest opinions, so he could improve even further. :) Let's help him do it~!


--Be constructive.
Tell us WHY you liked/disliked it. ^^ The more detailed, the better. Criticism is welcomed as long as you do it with respect in mind.

--NO Trolling/Flaming
Don't be an idiot. Please? ...Or else I'll make you walk on a piece of a MF Lego. D8< Let's see if you'll like it.

--NOTIFY of possible SPOILERS!
Indicate if there'll be possible spoilers!... Minimizing it would help too. It's just that there are MANY people here who'd like to read the manga on their own, and since we don't have an anti-spoiler feature, let's respect them, and N too (since he didn't work his ass off only for the manga to be divulged so easily.)

--You can post pictures too.
It'll make reading more fun. :D Also. PICTURES. NOT SCANS. Respect the mangaka!

--You can LINK to your previous RK review, or to another person's.
If you happen to have made a review or personal impressions before, feel free to post the link. ^^ Or if you happen to stumble on another person's review that hasn't been shared here yet, try to get their consent first or ask them to post it here themselves. :) This forum is still very new, and we'd KILL LOVE to have more people around!!! (It's always just us three here... Jinny, Maskq, and I... it's cold. ;_; ) Just remember to indicate WHAT CHAPTER it's for, and WHO made it (if it's not yourself) and don't just leave with a single link. :>

--Conform to the general dA rules and etiquette.
That pretty much covers everything else. P:

Sooo... Post away! :D
I'd also love to hear everyone's views ^^
Discussions are great~ so let's put this forum into good use. :)

~Paola ♥
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dr-shadowbell Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Student General Artist
I can't wait for RK3 to come out! :eager::eager: This series is great so far. It took me a while to organize some specific and solid opinions on this, but I'm now confident that I can write my thoughts in detail.

I'm going to talk about my feelings of the overall manga, then the storyline, art, characters, and some other smaller things like humor and general parts I really liked. Hopefully there won't be too many spoilers...


This series has a little bit of many categories to satisfy a wide range of readers, like mystery, supernatural, horror, comedy, and action. From the art N. posted in his gallery and the hints he dropped in them, I'm detecting some future romance and tragedy. To describe the impression I got from this manga, I am going to choose these two words: elegant and surprising. Why I think this, I'll explain below.


The story takes place in hell (I looked up the meaning of Rasetsu Koku, and one of the translations was literally "fiends and cannibals country"), the place of eternal suffering for judged souls, so naturally it's going to touch on very serious subjects. Even so, the dark and forboding mood is broken by a little ridiculous and light-hearted humor almost regularly. The plot moves at a fast but nice pace, so new and cool things happen every page.

Mystery is a dominating element in RK. RK intrigues right away, with the reader wondering why Colin is the only Christian in hell, why he's even there in the first place. The story centers around a very enigmatic character with an interesting situation. Little clues and nice explanations are introduced, but given with them are new questions. A lot of crazy things happen in hell! It takes a good deal of imagination to think up of all the strangeness that goes on there. To make things even more varied, Colin and Gadara go briefly to Earth (by arcane means of transportation of course). Things do appear more commonplace, but as Gadara and Colin unravel the case that sent them there, the dark and irregular once again rises to the surface. This is a story worth reading. The only thing I have to complain about are the cliffhangers. Even though they essentially make the story better, they leave you feeling severely dissatisfied.


The elegance this series carries all rests in the art. It's not all beautiful images, however. The first panels of the story portray gruesome suffering. Flames, demons, pitchforks, and writhing souls--classic visions of hell that began with Dante's Inferno. But then N. presents his own vision of the concept of the inferno. It includes gothic architecture (towers, buttresses and stained glass windows-- :squee:), Victorian clothing and old-fashioned dress, alluring horned demons (sharply--and quite minimally at times--dressed in leather, metal, and torn cloth), powerful and towering forms, and many other sinister and amazing details. At times the art is very reminiscent of the Renaissance, with references to famous works by Michelangelo (those are the easiest to identify, but I wonder if there are references to any other artists which I don't know).

Something I'm really happy to see in RK is the inclusion of female characters. From seeing some of his past works, the anatomy of the women N. draws has really improved. You can still see that he has much less ease drawing females than males, but they look very nice.

The art is a very delicious treat for the eyes. The art style has roots in realism along with traditional manga. In RK you see Nheira's most developed and original style of art yet. It's obvious his art has a lot of influences, but you can't really say that his style of art particularly reminds you of this artist or that. It's definitely his own.


The best part! I'm going to be totally biased and say that my favorite is Colin. Even though he's quite stiff and serious, and not nearly as fun as Gadara, I adore his expressions. Especially the weird and slightly exaggerated ones. I'm probably going to stand up and cheer the moment Colin smiles. He is just so interesting, with the strange history, and the way he gets along with Gadara.

Gadara's the coolest, though. Hands down. All that charisma and sexual energy! :faint: He is so twisted and playful, too, and such a smooth talker. I enjoy seeing him on the pages, and I always wonder what he's up to and what he's going to do next.

Sammael is an awesome villain. He's menacing, ambitious, tactical, and in a skirt. What can beat that? He opposes Colin being in Hell, so what's he going to do after he finally knows what's going on with him? I hope we'll get to see that in time!

What I really like about the characters is that they have their own unique qualities and mannerisms, not just great looks. Seeing them walk, sit, talk, and go about their plans on the page is the most compelling part of Rasetsu Koku. I'm excited about seeing more of them.

...I'm going to skip talking about the parts I liked, because of the threat of spoilage. ^^; I can't believe RK3 is coming in just a few days or weeks! I better make sure I get my hands on a copy. :sprint:
yuroran Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I should say something more constructive than "I loved it" but I can't come up with anything. I just loved it very much. xD

Something I liked specially is that even when there's humor contained, there's not an exageration of funny expressions or ridiculous faces for the characters, so that the general "mood" of the story kept untouched.

I got a little confused with the dialogue, but it's only natural since I can't read Japanese (I'd often lose count of the panels so I'd just read the traslation sheet and then see the comic separatedly).

I'm really looking forward the continuation of the series and how the story develops even further.
oxoRIKKUoxo Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
I got his manga around a week ago i'd say. I basically had a fit when I seen the package in the post ^^

I really, really enjoyed reading the manga. The quality of art and the amount of skill was breathtaking to see and read. It's hard to find mangas like this with a dark style, as shoujo and the like seem to be seriously popular. The concept of the manga is really interesting too - I mean who doesn't love to read about hot demons? ^^

There was nothing that I would really be able to say was in need of improvement other than the translation sheet. Sometimes I'd be reading it in conjunction with the manga and I'd be like "what the hell was he trying to say?!" Maybe that could be worked on.

What I especially loved was at the back of the book, there was a small comical panel. Something about Virgo, then Virgin, then Gadara gets punched hehe! I wish there were more panels at the back like that :]

All in all, I adore Nheira's art style and I hope he keeps making mangas like this one ^^
JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011

If there's any part of the text that is still confusing to you, send me a note and I can help.
JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
So, Paola-chan, what did you think of chapter 2?

JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011
Should be getting RK2 this week!! I plan on rereading chapter 1 so that it's fresh in my mind.


I did have a couple questions, though.

(1) do we know what time period the manga is actually taking place?
(2) is Collin a young boy? (I mean to say, he's not a man yet, right, so how old is he?)

JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
These questions are basically answered in Chapter 2, I guess, since the clothing indicates the time period, and Colin is probably a young adult. Just to answer my own questions.

JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011

I'll be honest, I can't judge a manga by only a single chapter unless it's meant to be a one-shot. Even with Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist, I had to read a dozen or so chapters before I came to any sort of opinion / conclusion about the story.

Furthermore, RK is outside of any genre of manga that I've ever read.

Having said that, I think that RK1 is an excellent start and I can't wait to read Chapter 2.

N, of course, has the advantage that his artwork is always fantastic... I was pleased with every panel in RK1.

rinku726 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Neither do I. :) That's why I just decided to wait for the second chapter.

To me though, Chapter one is a pretty safe start, so I can't comment on it really. Not particularly gripping, but certainly not boring either. So I'm waiting how it progresses on the following chapters. Visuals though are sure excellent, as expected. :>

...I wanna see more low-angled shots in future chaps. ;>

Probably my most favorite part of the manga is the paneling. I love how he experiments with almost every page. And even though it varies, it remains fluid and surprisingly effective. It's quite different from his previous ones... in IP anyway, I dunno how RD panels look like. And it certainly improved a whole lot. ♥
JinnyMcG Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
My favorite part of RK1 is the dialogue. And I love the way that Gadara speaks (he's respectful but manipulative).


I wonder what Gadara would sound like if RK was an anime.
rinku726 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh. I was planning to post mine until I've completed it but... I did an artwork review of RK before... I guess it's just apt that I share mine first, so here it is:

[link] :)

There are quite a few spoilers, depending on how you'll view it. Mainly just what pages the characters appeared and some really small snippets of the manga artwork. Story wasn't discussed yet, so don't worry. ^^ It'll come on a separate post~ I'm still working on it (still after so long x_x), but I'm also wondering if I should post it together along with the 2nd Chapter's review, so I could have a comparison on how it progresses... o:
NanaAnorexia Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
I watched your's TOOO LOOONG! *lol*
But you worked very accurate and organized! Wow!
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